Sex Tips – Here Are 10 Naughty, Dirty Things To Try In The Bedroom That Your Woman Will Really Love

Although many guys don’t realize it — women love naughty sex and they love to get dirty in the bedroom with the right man. So use these 10 sex tips to make your love-making sessions more naughty and a whole lot dirtier. Your women will love it when you do. Guaranteed.Here Are 10 Naughty, Dirty Things To Do In The Bedroom That Your Woman Will Really Love1. Leave Her Panties OnThere’s just something a little wrong and a very naughty about pulling her panties to one side and ‘doing it’ like that. So go ahead and try it. You don’t always have to be totally naked.2. Spank HerWomen love to get spanked. It’s best done in the ‘doggy-style’ position. ‘Punish’ her with a smacked bottom, for being your ‘naughty little girl’.3. Rim HerThe anus is full of nerve endings. Therefore, if you use your tongue to pleasure your woman’s ass — she will experience INCREDIBLE PLEASURE. And it’s definitely something she’ll see as NAUGHTY.4. Hold Her DownPin her arms above her head whilst you are on top. This is a turn on for every woman.5. Talk DirtyThe clue is in the title of this sex tip! Talk ‘dirty’. Let your words get naughty and it’ll turn your woman on and help her to ORGASM. Women simply adore dirty talk when it’s done well.6. RoleplaySecretary not doing her job properly and must be ‘disciplined’ by her boss. Naughty school girl and teacher. College girl and lecturer. Whatever. Let your imagination run wild and use roleplay to make the sex really naughty.7. Anal PlayWhilst giving your woman ORAL SEX, gently massage her anus with your finger. Whilst doing her from behind, gently rub her anus with your thumb. If you are gentle and take things slowly, your woman will love anal play.8. Watch YourselvesUse a mirror and have sex in front of it. It’s dirty. It’s naughty. It feels a bit wrong. Your woman will love it (and I doubt you’ll mind it either).9. Film ItOne step better than the mirror is the video camera. Enough said. Try it.10. Give Her An Anal OrgasmThink this isn’t possible?Think again. To give your woman an anal orgasm you stimulate her G-Spot whilst your finger is penetrating her anus.NOTE: it’s much easier to give your woman anal orgasms using this sex technique if you are already giving her regular g-spot vaginal orgasms.